enowned lyricist Prof Doddarange Gowda released the music of Kannada horror film ‘666’ at a function in Bengaluru on Saturday. The film is directed by 20-year-old Dhanu Gowda and is produced by his father Kumar. Chinmaya Rao has scored the music.   

Composer Chinmaya Rao said the first schedule of the movie’s shoot hasbeen completed and the film has four songs.

Director Dhanu Gowda said the film is about a real incident that happened in Ramanagara 80 years ago. He said he came to know of the story through some grannies who live in the village where the incident happened.

The film has six heroes and three heroines. The director said the heroes commit a sin and are repenting for it now. The film has a mother-son sentiment that is been done by Priyanka and Mandara Gowda. He said the first schedule of the film’s shoot was held in Kavanapura village near Ramanagara. The director said the film is based on the real incident that happened in Kavanapura.

The film stars director Dhanu Gowda himself in the lead role and Gautam in the main role of Galagante who is also the director’s brother. Mandara Gowda who is the director’s sister is actually playing the role of a young boy. The film also stars Anush Raj Urs and Bindu.

Yaseen Badshah  is the cameraman. Lahari Audio has acquired the music rights of the film. Dhanu Gowda has penned four songs in the movie.

Prof Doddarange Gowda said one of the songs is worth listening to in the album. But, he said the other songs are inspired from Yogaraj Bhat’s style of lyrics and music. He said it is not good to be following in somebody else’s path and urged the music director and lyricist to be more creative.

Shoot for the second schedule of the movie will begin next month.

new bilingual film 666 to be shot simultaneously in Kannada and Tamil was launched on Sunday morning at a temple in Bengaluru.

The film is being directed by debutant Madan Kumar who is also the cinematographer of the film. Madan Kumar, who has worked as a cameraman for a prominent news channel has written the story for the film.

Addressing journalists, Madan Kumar said 666 is the number of the house where the story of the film unfolds. He said 666 is a horror thriller that happens in an apartment where negative energy affects people who come visiting it.

He said three families visit the house and become victims before the protagonist comes to the rescue of the victims.

Madan Kumar said the film will commence shoot in March over a 25-day schedule in Bengaluru. The film will have two songs; a promotional song and a romantic number. Nirmal has composed the music with the romantic song to be shot abroad.

The film stars Pradeep, Apoorva and Somanna. Pradeep will play the lead in the Kannada version while Naveen will play his counterpart in the Tamil version. Apoorva will be the common leading lady in both the versions. Pradeep and Apoorva have acted in the film Mirchi Mandakki Kadak Chai.

Nagesh R Shetty is producing the film.

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