adventure loving youth head out for a trekking the only two of them come back alive. One of them is a camera.

This is what the promotional lines of  6-5=2 tells us.
A remake of the very famous hit in kannada  this hindi horror flick is more of fun than horror.

6-5=2 is a found footage genre film which is edited & presented by Bharath Jain of MARS INC. Bharath Jain is a popular name in the kannada film industry as he has tried his hands in every field of cinema. From buying audio rights of films under janhkar & mars banners to producing hits like 'musanje maathu' to distributing several films. Now Bharath jain under MARS INC has produced 6-5=2 in hindi & has made bollywood cine goers take a notice of our kannada films as well. The fact that 6-5=2 is originally made in kannada will always remain a truth.

The film begins with MARS INC people interviewing the lonely survivor of the 2010 tragedy Mr.raja, where 5 youths were brutally killed in the forest regions of western ghats karnataka.
Raja goes on revealing about the treak & introduces the characters one by one. Among them siddarth who dreams of becoming a DOP of hindi cinema one day gets a HD camera from his senior . The film is the video tapes found from the same camera . Mr.raja has no objections gives a nod for the people of MARS INC to release the video tapes in a film format in theaters.

As the tape gets playing we get glued to the silver screen. BJ,Raja,lulla,suhana,siddarth &priya are the names of 6 youths who will not have any idea about the horror they are about to face when they plan for the ill fated trekking.
The first half is filled with fun,pranks & comedy of the 6 youths.Some eye catching locations of Linganamakki,yaana,Sathodi falls and shoolya forest are captured through brilliant shots in a video tape style. The experience of watching a film in a video tape style adds to the thrill.

The second half begins with the characters in the film face many unusual things happening around them. With a little caution they decide to continue their trekking but Raja who is the lonely survivor of the incident is left behind due to health issues. All the characters in the film start to die one by one in very abnormal ways. The tape changes color preparing the audience to expect something shocking is going to arrive now. 

The performances of all the characters of the film including the ghost (which handles the camera sometimes and comes in front of the camera just for two shots) are natural & commendable. They don't look like professional actors and are very natural. Even though the film is projected as a natural and real found footage one definitely gets a doubt that its been shot in that format.

What ever said about about the way it is been made the film offers a different flavor altogether without the regular dance and fight sequences, hero saving heroine from the goons kind of regular Bollywood stuff.
The visual effects and the sound effects are perfectly blended with right amount of background score required for a horror flick.

6-5=2 also stands out from the regular horror flicks without the revenge sagas and over blood sheds with the ghost applying all the make up placed in the makeup van.

Over all 6-5=2 is a two hour fun and horror entertainer, its definitely a fresh new packaging to Hindi horror cinema.
You can confidently go and enjoy this found footage.
6-5=2 times the fun and horror.
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his Friday in the month of November is very special for a Kannadiga Bharat Jain. He has made the people of Karnataka proud by releasing his first Hindi cinema ‘6-5=2’ all over India. He is the producer and director of the much talked about movie’6-5=2’.

A Kannada film ‘6-5=2’ super hit is made in Hindi with lot of care and substance for captivating audience. It is a different and new attempt releasing in over 300 screens in India.

The famous audio house in Karnataka Mars and Jhankar Music has produced this Hindi film in Mars Inc banner. It is on ‘Found Footage’ the film is made with lot of novelty.

Five youths on trekking in dense forest but three only returns! After nine days the findings of Siddarth camera is the major content for this film.

Sathya Hegde has done cinematography, Prashanth Gupta, Ashruth Jain, Gaurav Paswal, Gaurav Kotari, Disha Kapoor and Niharika Raizada are in the cast.

Come to your favorite theatres in Karnataka and other parts of the country for a very good experience in 6-5=2.

super hit film in shoe string budget 6-5=2 in Kannada released in this year is now ready to rock in Hindi language. It is a complete new production and direction from Bharat Jain of Jhankar and Mars Music Company.

An enthralling experience for the audience in Kannada is sure to give good entertainment for the audience all over from this Hindi film says Bharat Jain. The Hindi version of this film ‘6-5=2’ is releasing on November 14 in major cities of the country.

This is an edge of the seat entertainer with adventure and trekking part of the film. Produced & Directed by Bharat Jain, 6-5=2 stars Prashantt Guptha (villain of Issaq), Ashrut Jain. Gaurav Paswalla, Gaurav Kothari, Disha Kapoor and Niharika Raizada (granddaughter of OP Nayyar making her debut)ace cameraman of Kannada cinema Sathya Hegde had worked behind camera.

Bharat Jain distributor of over 90 films and producer of Mussanje Mathu, Chirru, Ninagoskar, Preethislebeku and co producer of ‘Bahaddur’ in Mars Films is the main pillar of Jhankar Music that has over 1500 movies and 30000 non film music albums.

Bharat Jain says all these days I was telling them a story; today I am sharing my experience.  He came to Mumbai and auditioned over 300 youngsters and then zeroed in on my six main protagonists. But this was just the beginning. I did a ten-day workshop with them and then took them to the real locations, showed them the 10 km walks that needed to be undertaken to get to the spot everyday for round 30days, the fact that there will be no vanities and hundreds of mosquitoes for company. They were game. And our film was on for the unpredictable experience for audience. 

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