uly 22, 1947 is the name of the new Kannada film that has completed its shoot and is ready for a release. The film is based on a story written by Saroja Katkar and is directed by Vishal Raj. The movie is produced by K M Nanje Gowda. The film stars Suchendra Prasad, Achyuth, Shobhraj and Sudha Rani among others. 

Saroja Katkar told reporters that she had written the story three years ago and has a number of firsts to its credit. She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested that the movie be dubbed into all the languages in the country. For the first time, singer Sangeetha Katti Kulkarni has turned a composer for the movie July 22, 1947. Saroja Katkar said this is the first movie on the national flag. She said it is also the first time that a film has won a few awards before its release. The writer said freedom fighter H S Doreswamy had acted in a movie for the first time. 

Doreswamy said this film should take people along the path of righteousness and that he has acted in the movie although he is 98 years old because it is about the national tricolor. 

Suchendra Prasad said he plays the role of Satyappa in the movie who is a peon in a government office. He said the film is an emotional one instead of being a secular movie. 

Producer Nanje Gowda said he has produced the movie out of respect for the Indian national flag. 

Sangeetha Katti Kulkarni said prime minister Modi heard her sing the Vande Mataram song differently and appreciated her for rendering the song. She said the song has past, present and future. 

Director Vishal Raj said the film will release in the next month. He said a producer from Hindi had come forward to remake it in the national language. The director said the film is being dubbed into Gujarati as well.

PM Narendra Modi launched '22 July 1947'
his is the first movie to be launched by our Prime Minister. It is our proud that a Kannada Movie has been promoted by our PM. The story revolves around the importance of our NATIONAL FLAG today. 
Film - 22 July 1947
Director - Ingalemarga fame Vishal Raj
Producer - Nanjegowda
Music - Sangeetha Katti (First Time working as a Music Director for this movie)
Actors - Suchendra Prasad, Achuth Kumar, Sudharani, Shobharaj, Nanjegowda, Laya Kokila, Sathish and others..
Story - Saraju Katkar (Won State award for best Story this year) - movie is based on his novel.

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